02 November 2010

Ferdi is a sad bee...

In case you missed it, it was Halloween on the weekend.   Being a good Australian I've never quite understood Halloween, but after seeing how it's celebrated in Hong Kong* I do get that it can be a whole heap of fun.  And we do want to be good neighbours so...when the call went out for candy givers in our building I put our hand up, threw some decorations on the door, stocked up on Kit Kats and dressed the dogs.  

But apparently we're perhaps not such good neighbours after all.  Apparently a lot of kids are petrified of small dogs wearing bee outfits, who knew?  So whilst Ferdi was merrily answering the ring of the door bell with his happiest of happy dances (he adores children), a bunch of kids were running screaming down the hallway.  One even cried, I think.  Oh dear.  

But then I figure Halloween is meant to be scary, right?

*Seriously, if you're ever in Hong Kong for Halloween, get to Lan Kwai Fong early and settle in for a night of amazing people watching.  The place will be jammed with all kinds of folk, of all ages and nationalities, dressed in all kinds of costumes.  Fun!


  1. aahahaha the look of him in the background of the last shot is sooo sad!! "i scared them! i must be horrifying. what kind of monster am i to make a child cry!" meanwhile elfi is like "i don't care. i'm beautiful. my beauty makes people cry all the time. its no biggie"

  2. I love the 2nd photo, so cute! How could you be scared of a fuzzy little thing dressed up as a bee ?
    At least you got to eat all the candy yourself!

    (no one came to our door which is lucky as we only had like 5 marshmallows left by Sunday ha!)

  3. poor Ferdi, he does look terribly sad

  4. Ferdi wants me to tell you that he feels a bit better thanks to your lovely comments. He likes to know people are thinking of him (or even better, thinking of giving him some doggie treats...)

  5. Sausage dogs are the ONLY dogs. I adore them. Wish my husband felt the same way.. these pictures are perfect doxie personality personified.

  6. Poor Ferdi; he got all dressed up to impress and ended up instilling fear.
    Unsure how a doxie dressed up as a bee can be deemed scary ... maybe scary CUTE.
    I wish I had given in to my want of dressing Gracie (1/3 doxie) up as a bee this year (next year, it's on!)


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