22 November 2010

Being an expat isn't all sunshine and lollipops...

After a week or so in Australia, I landed back in Seoul last night and I was so excited to be home. Happy to be seeing my hounds and staying in one place for two whole months (bliss!).  Happy to have the chance to start seriously crossing things of my to do list, to buy fresh flowers without worrying that it was a waste because we'll be gone next week anyway, and to cook and craft and blog with no hassle again.

And then my Mum (god love her) tweeted me a link to this surprisingly beautiful song about xmas day by comedian Tim Minchin.  In the last bit he thinks about his daughter being all grown up, and that maybe she'll end up 9000 miles away from home on xmas day, and that the whole family will be thinking of her and waiting for her.  Have a listen...

And of course it brought a tear (or ten) to my eye.  And it made me suddenly nostalgic for a sunny xmas day with strawberries and chaos and driving all over the place and kids and dogs and maybe far too much bubbly.

And I guess that kind of sums up the whole expat thing - at both ends of the flight you are happy to be home and sad to be leaving.

[Brooch and earrings at the top from Canny belle on Etsy.  You can find them here.]

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