26 November 2010

Death by Doxie: The Archives

I've been traveling a bit of late so there are not many happy dog photos to share with you. However, due to pressure from certain dog-stalkers (you know who you are), I feel compelled to do a dachshund-related post.  So, a visit to the archives it is.  I do hope it keeps you all happy (how could it not?).

Ferdi is a year older than Elfi.  We got Elfi because Ferdi looked so depressed all on his own (we later realised that was just Ferdi's look, and he uses it to get treats and pats and dog friends).  One of the nicest things about having two dogs is watching them hang out together.  They play tug of war and wrestle and sometimes they fight a little, but they always end up together, sleeping next to each other.  And whenever she is feeling a bit nervous or wary, Elfi always seeks Ferdi out.  It's really rather sweet.

I'm hoping soon to have pics of the mutts frolicking in the snow (*stares hopefully at determinedly blue sky that shows no sign of snowflakes*).  In the meantime, this video might make you smile - just imagine what fun Ferdi and Elfi will have!

And yes, I am aware that it's unlikely for the snow to build up quite that much in Seoul. And that their reaction to seeing snow for the first time is possibly going to end up looking more like this. But a girl can dream, can't she?


  1. aww!! look at elfi under ferdi! you've made me a very happy crazy dogless dog lady :) thank you

  2. Em, you have to watch this video - this is my instant pick-me-up video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sUL0KCIc48

  3. This is sooo cute! I loved the way the ears and flopping up and dog haha!
    Which one is which? Short hair one is... ?

  4. Crazy dogless dog lady - I am very glad you are happy crazy!

    Helen - best dog in snow video ever! Thank you

    Litleclouds - Ferdi is the long hair, Elfi the short hair

    Woof, woof!

  5. Oh, you make me want to get a sister or brother for my Gracie girl! I get all dreamy-eyed about getting a Dachshund to go with Grace's 1/3 doxie.
    That last photo, of one nose under the other's... it made me sigh a happy sigh.


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