05 February 2013

Hong Kong : Nan Lian Gardens

I've been wanting to go to Nan Lian Gardens for about five years now. I'd read such lovely things about these gardens, and I'd recommended them to others (who all reported back such lovely things too). But in all my trips to Hong Kong I'd somehow managed not to get there. Perhaps because I'm such a Hong Kong Island girl, I kind of get (happily) trapped there and forget there's so much more to explore. But last trip, just before I headed to the airport, I finally caught the MTR out to Diamond Hill and got to see the gardens for myself. It was a warm, sunny weekday and the gardens were peaceful and quiet and beautiful. The golden pavilion, the bridges and waterfalls, the bonsai - wonderful! Along with CitySuper, my waxer*, the Star Ferry and Life Cafe I think Nan Lian Gardens might get added to the list of regular stops for Hong Kong visits.

*Her name is Joey and she is without doubt the best waxer in Hong Kong, possibly the world. She's been looking after my depilatory needs for five years now, and I've seen her go from working for someone else to breaking out and starting her own business. If we ever leave Asia she might be the thing I miss the most. Seriously.

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  1. Great photos Emily, the gardens look beautiful. I love how Hong Kong can have such amazing pockets of tranquility.


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