19 February 2013

I've just got home from a wonderful but berloody exhausting trip. Visits to Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, plus hotel changes and trips to the beach meant that over ten days I ended up sleeping in eight different bedrooms. Yawn. It was so great seeing the step-sons and my nephews and hanging out in the sunshine (I am definitely over Winter, COME ON SPRING!), but gosh it is so good to be home.

Now I'm madly, madly trying to catch up on things. There's a Collecting Colours post heading your way in the next few days, and some BIG news (at least for us anyhow), but in the meantime I've added a few more goodies to the Great Good Things Garage Sale.

This may just be my favourite update yet - I adore this pinafore (dark blue + peach piping + geometric print? So great!) but have never been able to squeeze in to it - maybe it might fit you? And then there's these three great tees from the UNIQLO X MT range. And these amazing retro inspired pumps from Nine West. And this dress from A.P.C. Madras. And this one from Gorman. Oh, and all the UNIQLO scarves are now just $15! Hurrah!

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  1. Wow! I feel exhausted just thinking about ten days doing all of that. I'm looking forward to hearing about your big news!


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