26 February 2013

I love typography and I love a good quote - be it funny, moving or just one of those things that make you think 'yes! that's how things are!'. So welcome to Typography Tuesday, a semi-occasional possibly-maybe series (you know I never like to over commit on this blog...) in which I share a quote that's recently caught my eye or ear in some of my favourite fonts. 

We re-watched Muriel's Wedding over the weekend. If you haven't seen it you should. It's an Australian comedy classic. It's ugly and funny, sad and uplifting; all the things a good comedy should be. And Toni Collette as Muriel is so, so great. I'm not a big ABBA fan myself, but this quote struck me. It's one of those brilliantly written bits in a movie that make you chuckle and shed a little tear at the same time. 

The font is Funkydori by Laura Worthington. It's not free, but it's awesome. And as much as I think it's great when we can get fonts for free I also think it's nice to buy a font when you can to support all those amazingly talented designers out there.

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  1. I love Muriel's Wedding. I've never been a big ABBA fan either but this film is just so wonderful and the quote you've shared is perfect.

    Looking forward to seeing my type gems!


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