08 February 2013

Death by Doxie : Ferdi in Bed

These were taken a few lazy Sundays ago, sitting in bed with the husband, the hounds and the paper. Whenever Ferdi gets on the bed he runs straight up to nab the prime spot, right near my pillows. If I want to lie down I have to physically move him (in the bottom photo I'm pretty sure he's desperately pretending he doesn't know I'm there so he doesn't have to move). He's really quite stubborn and demanding, old Ferdi. Have I mentioned he kicks you with he's little (but surprisingly strong) paws if he wants a pat? But look at those eyes! We can't resist, could you?


  1. Gorgeous little fellow! I adore dachshund expressions, they have the most beautiful eyes and such expressive little faces. Love the pointy little snouts also!

  2. Haha! Those looks of "I'm not here, please don't move me" are so adorable.
    Love the polka dot sheets too.


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