06 August 2012


Hello there! How are you? Are you well? I hope so. We're about a third of the way into our crazy three months of travel mayhem, and so far everything has been rather wonderful. Our weekend in Hong Kong was pretty great - dumplings and duck oh my! - and we've just returned from Australia after a week of skiing with the step-sons. 

We went to Thredbo and it was ace - a nice base of about a metre (well, nice for Australia at least!), a little sprinkling of fresh snow most days and, best of all, blue skies and zero wind. 

We've had some amazing ski experiences over the past few years, but they've normally involved sheets of ice, near blizzards and/or incomprehensibly cold temperatures. Our week in Thredbo was a nice reminder of just how lovely hanging out in the snow can be when you're not having to worry about how many fingers the eldest step-son can lose to frostbite before we call it a day. 

We stayed in almost every night, barbecued on the sightly snowy balcony, drank good Australian red wine, played lots of cards, watched Three Amigos and all kinds of ridiculous count downs on MaxTV (and educated the step sons on the nuances of why Wham! is good-bad but Richard Marx is just bad-bad), slept in and, oh yes, we skied a bit too...

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  1. A week in Thredbo sounds fabulous! Love the Wham good, Richard Marx bad education! So looking forward to that sort of thing with my boys!


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