29 August 2012


There's certainly been some tumbleweeds about here lately hasn't there? But there hasn't been any tumbleweeds in my life. (Well, actually there has. I passed through a mini whirlwind when driving through Spain, with tumbleweeds and all. But I'm talking metaphoric tumbleweeds, okay?). 

So yep, we've just returned from our two and a bit weeks in Spain (plus a day in Italy and a day in France). And it was (mostly) awesome. Madrid was especially awesome. As was Segovia. And Corsica too. 

Normally about this time I'd start a series of 'Holiday Slideshow' posts about each place we visited, but that ain't gonna happen. We're only home for a few weeks before the step-sons arrive and we fly to Europe again (yay!). And by 'home' I mean the husband was away for work last night, and has a trip to KL next week, and I'm heading to Hong Kong for a few nights too (to meet up with my friend of twenty plus years! I am so excited about that I really, really wanted to type it all in capitals and add a bunch of exclamation marks, but the aesthete in me won out). And we have two visitors heading to Seoul (yay!). And I need to catch up on all the stuff like paying bills and booking flights and answering emails. Not to mention there's only two days left in the month and I haven't done August's Collecting Colour post yet (it will happen - it's orange by the way, if you want to put a collection together). Sigh. *puts hand to forehead in a dramatic fashion*

But, I am in the process of sifting through my many, many photos (lots of them of my husband's back as I'm chasing him down some scenic street, camera in hand) to give you the best of the best. Plus some amusing and witty anecdotes.* Stay tuned.

ps. The photo at the top is from yesterday when I was on Typhoon Bolaven watch. The clouds were suitably ominous - dark and grey and racing by. They said it was going to be the biggest storm in a decade, that the Han River would flood, that people might die in landslides, but it turned out to be not much (in Seoul anyway, they got hit pretty bad down south). Reminds me a bit of this clip from The Simpsons.

*Wit of anecdotes not guaranteed


  1. You are such a busy travelling bee! I'm not sure I could handle the constant pace of your past few weeks but I'm still very jealous!

    Have a fabulous time in Europe and with your friend in Hong Kong. Eat a pineapple bun and have a milk tea for me ! :)

    1. Confession time - I have never eaten a pineapple bun! Can you believe it? Must rectify on this trip...

  2. But what about the hounds!? I love traveling, like seriously, a lot but I miss the whippet babies too much to do it nearly as often as you. Stronger woman than I!

    1. Ahhh yes, it is hard - you should hear the husband and I talking about them when we are away, it's pathetic! But they are well looked after at home when we are away (we get a live-in dog sitter), I think if I had to take them to the boarding kennel each trip my heart actually would break!


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