14 August 2012

Come fly with me...a postscript on what to wear

Plane Outfit C

Clearly I'm no fashion-guru-type-person. I like frocks and I like shoes but that's about where it ends. On the rare occasion that I do put up a 'what I wore' post it's generally because I'm ridiculously overexcited by the fact that a) I managed to put an outfit together, and b) it looks okay on me.

But if you read my post on Saturday you would have discovered I have fairly strong opinions on what's acceptable plane attire. To recap - no shorts, no thongs, possibly no singlets, no leggings as pants, no pyjamas, and nothing ridiculously impractical or uncomfortable.

Plane outfits can be a bit difficult. Aside from walking that fine line between something you're okay to sleep in and something that is suitable for public consumption, there's the added trickiness of possibly changing seasons, dealing with airplane air conditioning (or the lack of it, sometimes), and having to wear/carry whatever isn't going to fit in your suitcase.

So, here's a few outfits that I'd consider plane perfect. Some are based on outfits I've worn on real life long haul flights, like the bottom one which is basically head-to-toe Uniqlo! The top one is pretty stylish, I think (and I'm a bit in love with that houndstooth dress from ModCloth...). The bottom two are a little more casual - one for cooler weather (knit + boots + scarf) and one with a more Summery feel (crop pants + peep toes + pops of yellow).

Plane Outfit B


Plane outfit A

What do you think? Do you have a plane outfit you swear by? I'd love you to share it  if you do! And if you're on Polyvore come find me!

ps. I'm new to all this Polyvore embedding stuff, so if the links for the products etc don't work I apologise. I'm currently on a big boat in the Mediterranean somewhere, but I'll fix it as soon as I can!


  1. Love these outfits! Particularly the striped tunic/scarf number!

    1. Thanks - that stripey outfit is my go to plane wear at the moment. It's especially good for switching between a hot climate and a cold one.

  2. Great outfit combos Emily! I'm a little bit in love with the houndstooth dress too.

    I'm always in two minds about what to wear on planes but I usually end up wearing my brown corduroy skirt (which I practically live in because it's so comfy) with a t-shirt and cardigan. Plus, a coat for carry-on.

    1. Sounds like the perfect outfit! I like to wear something I 'live in' on the plane too - it's comfortable and comforting!

  3. Ahh! I am so glad that one of my blog buddies has a polyvore! I have had one for a minute now and can't find anyone that i know! I really love your collages so far and your sense of style is so sophisticated lady. Keep it up!

  4. Oh these are such lovely outfits Emily! :)
    Though you have me thinking that I really need to raise the style stakes next time I fly ... not that I'm all that bad, but I could probably get a better balance between style and comfort. :)

  5. Hi Emily, I think we have exactly the same opinion on fashion. This is my first time here and I enjoy reading your blog! Appreciate if you can visit me too @ www.sabrinasulaiman.com! Greetings from Malaysia.


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