24 March 2011

Melbourne: Shops

Oh Melbourne!  With your endless array of mid-century modern vintage shops, your quirky little designer boutiques in strange lane ways, your queens of craft selling all things handmade...oh, wait, I kind of did this yesterday didn't I?  But it's true, Melbourne is a pretty cool place to shop.  And the lovely thing is that most of the fun is in the looking, you don't even need to buy anything!

As I mentioned before this trip I stayed at my sister's house, which entailed running a few errands here and there.  The good / bad thing is that every time I went somewhere to pick something up, she'd always be telling me about some cute shop just around the corner that I had to check out... One of my favourite such places was OK OK in Brunswick, mainly because of their own brand tights and socks which are amazing quality and fabulously colourful and...made in Melbourne! Awesomeness!

I also finally got to check out Third Drawer Down, and Mr Kitly where they had an exhibition involving hanging plants and crocheted lamps, and a Japanese paper craft book all about thank you cards which I couldn't resist.  And there was Cottage Industries on Gertrude Street where I lusted after zig zaggy crocheted cushions, and admired the crocheted tree out the front.  Actually all of Gertrude Street was pretty impressive - lots of wonderful arts and crafts and textiles on show.


  1. Hey Emily, you really have been having the best fun!

    You inspired me to check out OK OK in the hope that they had an online store. I was excited to see the link in their header, but alas when I clicked it, it's not up & running yet! Nevermind.

    Hope you're enjoying the rest of your adventure,

    felicity x

  2. I heart Gertrude St. Kellie xx

  3. OMG I NEED those tights/socks!!!! Please let the online store open soon!


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