14 March 2011

Etsy Spotlight: Thrush Vintage

Of late I have been mildly obsessed with finding the perfect vintage frock - something pretty and bright and summery, and perfect for everyday wear.  Something to get me through the Spring and Summer months with flair and finesse.

Two such contenders (this one and this one) have come from the really wonderful Etsy seller, Thrush Vintage.  Thrush Vintage is full of beautiful things, beautifully photographed.  If I had a (much) smaller waist I would have likely purchased half the shop by now.  My 21st century girth is probably for the best then, I guess.

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  1. Hi Emily! Oh yes, Thrush Vintage is a favourite store of mine ... she always has a range of beautiful items on offer.

    I should send some of my other most loved etsy vintage stores your way some time! :)

  2. hola! I didn't know your blog, I love it! And your two dogs are too much, they are adorable! Greetings from Spain!

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Thrush is an unfortunate business name??? : )

  4. No! I was thinking that the whole time I was writing the post! But when you see the logo (which features a little bird) it makes sense, and their packaging and branding really is lovely. But yes, hard to get the other meaning out of your mind!


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