17 March 2011

Quick Three: Favourite Magazines

Hi, My name is Emily and I'm a magazine-aholic.  Seriously.  I'm surrounded by mountains of them. I'm drowning in ripped pages waiting to be artfully scrap booked.  I'm behind on my reading because of them.  So of course this week I had to play along with kasiabear's quick three (found via One Craftee Mumma).  It's rather tricky to narrow it down to just three, but here goes:

It all starts with that thick, slightly waxy paper which feels so lovely in your hands.  Then you add writers who make me laugh out loud, beautiful illustrations and images, every day tales that can bring a tear to the eye, pages and pages of crafty inspiration, lovely layouts, and many (too many) covetable goodies - Frankie is the perfect magazine!  If I really wanted to curb my addiction and only have one magazine in my life, Frankie would be it.

From an old favourite to a new favourite!  I wrote about UPPERCASE magazine a little while ago - it is really very lovely.  Again, there's that quality paper - this time it feels weighty and a little rough, it has a hand crafted air.  Then graphics and fonts and illustrations - oh my!  And so many wonderfully talented people to discover too.  Thank you, UPPERCASE!

If we were still living in Australia, number three would have probably been Australian Gourmet Traveller, but whilst I still try and get it most months for the wonderful recipes it's not as relevant to us these days now that the restaurants and retailers are half a world away.  So, it's Inside Out instead.  Consistently gorgeous interiors that always seem to be just on the right side of practical/achievable. Inside Out has embraced the craft trend of late too, and it often features some fantastic artists, illustrators and designers too.  Nice.


  1. I am new to the Frankie scene so still finding my bearings there!

    Uppercase - I haven't heard of it (I can hear you tut tutting from here Emily!) maybe I need to look into this!

    Inside Out - I love too but I do need to draw the line somewhere!

  2. Woops, just wrote a comment and it got deleted by accident. In a nutshell, I'm a magazine-aholic too so join the club. I am slowly acquiring too many magazines and not enough space to put them. Good choices. Have flipped through Uppercase but not bought it because it's a little pricey but it does meet all the criteria of a good mag!

  3. wow.. what a cool list..
    regretting doing this theme.. its making me just want to attack my newsagency and get all these mags i either completely forgot about or just plain never seen.. UPPERCASE.. hmm.. must hunt it down..

    thanks for joining in.
    ps.. i accidentally deleted your comment.. teaches me for trying to work off my iphone rather than getting on the computer..
    pps.. looove your blog!!

  4. Magazines are wonderful things, and they're so easy to get addicted to.
    I love Inside Out ... it's such an inspiration (and it gives me the chance to dream of houses I'd rather live in!). ;)

  5. oh 'Uppercase' looks good! id really like to see an issue....some of my favourite mags here! love Gourmet Traveller - food + travel, what could be better?


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