23 March 2011

Melbourne: Food

Oh Melbourne!  With your cafes and delicatessens, your enotecas and tapas bars, your bakeries and your coffee roasters.  You may seem expensive these days but I don't care, I still drool when I walk in to a neighbourhood fruit and veg store, I shiver with delight when I see a local supermarket selling ligurian olives and turkish bread and fresh lemongrass.  Melbourne, you are food heaven, and when I'm away I miss that about you, I really do.

So of course when I go back to visit you I eat, and eat, and eat.  On my most recent trip there was: great coffee from Seven Seeds; ridiculously tasty poached eggs with corn fitters from St. Ali (thanks to Beci for the recommendation and to Shannon for the facials and the lovely company); possibly one of the most delicious meals I've ever had at Gigibaba (third time lucky, so glad we finally managed to get there!); plus I also got to see the launch of my brother-in-law's newest food adventure, the Taco Truck (the fish taco was my favourite!).  Yumlicious!

Here's my nephew Ari hiding 'from the cheeky people' at the Taco Truck launch, plus Tyke looking a bit moody, as only a 7 year old can.


  1. You should have posted a warning that tummies might rumble as they read this post Emily, mine definitely is!

    What a great food safari you've enjoyed & I love your brother's clever concept with the Taco Truck.
    Does he play snappy Mexican tunes as he drives the streets ala the old Mr Whippy van?

    Now I have to go and make myself something for lunch...something spicy perhaps!

    xx Felicity

  2. Great photos of the boys! They are very cute! I love Melbourne too! My little sis lives there, I love visiting her!

  3. Ahaha, no way!! A taco truck?? Gosh I want to see what kinds of tacos they offer!

    Was this sort of like an "add your own ingrediants" thing?


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