08 March 2011


You looking at me?  (it had to be said...ok, maybe it didn't...)

Right, so, where to start?  One of the benefits of being the kind of expats we are is that the company pays our rent, and they pay it at a level that's meant to mean you live in a place that's roughly equivalent to what you might live in if you where still in your home country.  This is especially useful in places like Hong Kong, where the rent is about five to six times that of Australia, so if we were self funded we would have literally been living in a shoe box.  Anyway, what this means is our apartment in Seoul is pretty darn awesome.

What's this got to do with fish, you ask?  Well, part of the awesomeness of our apartment is that we have a bit of a rooftop garden, which includes a pond/water feature type thing.  Which got me all excited because it meant I could put fish in the pond!  Which I did!  But then winter came and building management informed us that we had to drain our pond so the pipes wouldn't burst which meant the fish were (briefly) homeless.  But now they live happily in a nice big tank in my office.  

They are quite friendly fish (even though the one up there looks a little grumpy).  They make amusing noises and they follow me from one end of the tank to the other when I walk past them. As much as I loved watching them roaming 'free' in the pond, I kind of like having them as companions in my work room.  Do you like fish?  Do you have something or someone keeping you company while you work?


  1. Hey Emily!

    My love of fish and tanks was formed when I was a little girl and had to go to hospital to have my tonsils out. In my room there was a giant fish tank which was softly lit at night so that I could watch the fish and put myself to sleep which was a big thing when I was all alone and pretty sore.

    At the moment I don't have any fish, but would love to own a huge round bowl made from volcanic rock to hold fish and lilly pads = bliss.

    Felicity x

    PS Thanks for stopping by. I couldn't find an email to reply to you personally but was wondering if you might like to write a guest post for my 'Six Senses' tours. My email is on the blog if you're interested. x F

  2. Wow, you're lucky to enjoy those expat perks. We don't, unfortunately :(

    I hear that fish are fussy pets (as opposed to dogs and cats). But oh, what do I know. I've killed quite a couple of goldfishes as a kid :/


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