24 October 2010

Happy Sunday!

Have you heard about Softies for Mirabel?  It's organised by the most awesome Pip, from Meet Me At Mikes.  Basically, you make a softie, send it to Pip, and she makes sure it finds it's way to one of the Mirabel kids who need a smile and something to cuddle.  Mirabel do amazing work with kids who have been abandoned or orphaned as a result of their parents drug use.  Softies for Mirabel is a very good thing, and you should definitely get involved - you can get all the details here

I sent some softies to Pip last year, but I was still in my sewing infancy and I feel a bit bad because I don't think they were very good.  This year I decided to have a bit of fun, and make something new and sunny and playful and colourful.  So, here's the first of my Softies for Mirabel - do you like her? I'm going to make some more, I think!

And also, today is my sisters birthday!  Life has been a bit crazy this past month, so I am totally disorganised and haven't even sent her a card.  So bad.  Help me feel less bad by going to her blog and wishing her a fabulous birthday, ok?  


  1. oooh what a lovely idea, going to post something tomorrow!

  2. Oooh, I love her! Great work Emily :)

  3. Love the ittle round thingie - would make somebody very cheery


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