01 October 2010

Death by Doxie: The Copyright Infringement Edition

Our apartment block is quite literally surrounded by stalls selling clothes for dogs.  And seeing as the winter is actually really cold in Seoul I do actually have to buy them clothing (True! I read it on-line somewhere. A dogs body temperature can drop quicker than ours.  If they are out in cold wind.  And not a husky.  Or something.).

The weird thing is I never knew Ralph Lauren, Adidas and Gucci made so many dog clothes.  Or that their seller of choice was the elderly Korean 아줌마 ('ajumma')...

This is Elfi telling me how much she loves wearing clothes.  And to go ahead and buy that little bee outfit I've had my eye on.  Your wish is my command, Elfi.

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  1. Some dogs like to wear clothes, others hate it and usually show it, luckily my Noodles seems to like it or is indifferent to it at least, I know some people think its cruel but its so fun!
    Also like you said in winter, surely most dogs bar the Huskies and chows need a little something extra when outdoors?
    But I saw a neighbor with 3 poodles who all wore brightly coloured Hawaiian dresses....too far !


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