09 October 2010

Christmas? Already?

As I've recently discovered, part of being an Etsy seller is actually thinking beyond the next fortnight - I'm starting to get why retailers are always living a month or two ahead of anyone else.  So, whilst it might seem early to start talking all things festive - it's not!  I promise!

Newly listed in my card shop are a range of 'Festive Lights' greeting cards, based around photos of Christmas lights taken on various travels.  This one is my personal favourite - the lights were street decorations in Andorra (a tiny country in Europe, sandwiched between France and Spain).  You can find this card, and a whole bunch of other quality photo greeting cards, here.

Oh, and if you tell me your favourite in the comments below, I might even send it to you.  But only if you're nice.

[ps.  one postive side effect of all this is I've actually started my own xmas shopping!  Seriously!]


  1. I like the combo set! ;D

    But my fave is the one with the snowflake on what looks like a birdcage...

  2. Oh you are so talented sweetie!
    I love the card with the Barcelona star. :)

  3. A great idea :)
    My fave festive ones are the cascading fairy lights..
    Otherwise I also like your flora cards...

  4. I love all of them. But I love the snowflake one on the fountain the most :)


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