20 October 2010


I probably shouldn't be blogging today, seeing as the blog is called 'Good Things' and I'm kind of feeling the opposite of that...but it's my blog and I'll be heavy hearted if I want to.  So there.

I had such fun with my Mum in Seoul over the past few days, and I am loving Korea more than ever, but she flew out this morning and the time goes so very fast and I am no good at goodbyes and life gets back to normal so quickly.  So I am feeling a bit flat.  And then seeing her makes me miss the rest of my family heaps - especially my sister and my nephews (that's Ari up there - don't you just want to give him a big squeeze?).  I wonder if Beci could fly Ari over for a quick visit?  Just an hour or two, then I'd be ok?

And then one of my most cherished friends, who I've known forever (almost literally) is dealing with all kinds of heavy hearted things with her dad, and it's looking a bit grim.  And she's been doing this all on her own, because  her siblings are interstate and overseas.  And I'm sitting in Seoul feeling useless and wishing I could do something, anything.  And thinking about my loved ones and wandering what if something happens to them and where will I be?  By their side, I'd hope?

All futile worries, pointless indulgences, floating concerns.  But they do make me feel a bit flat.

So I think I will tell you all that I love you, maybe package up some good things to post to some of you, and then do something simple and reassuring, like make lasagna or sew some felt or talk to my husband or hug my dogs.  Or all of the above.

What do you do, when you're feeling a bit flat?


  1. hey! ari and me and tyke and raph will be there soon. and if i could pop over for an hour your know we would (can NOT wait until they invent a teleporter - life will be so much easier).

    and you know what i do when i am feeling flat - re-arrange my many bits of stuff, have a nice glass of wine and then i CALL MY SISTER!! you can do those things too.

    i love you lots and i know will be feeling better soon xx

  2. Dear Em, I am so sorry you are feeling like that. I felt really sad leaving you even though I know I will be seeing you in less than a month. On the other hand, I was delighted to see you so happy in your place in Korea and to see how comfortable you are with the world over there. I know Bec will be over there as soon as she ca (Specially when she sees the photos and hears about the shopping) Its a funny thing how nice it is to see peopel who are so far away but also how sad the leaving makes us and reminds us of everyone else we would like to see. Remind yourself you are well loved and cherished by many people, including me, I am proud of the sophisticated (but not too sophisticated to bargain over a jumper dress) citizen of the world you are. Lots of love and look forward to seeing you in just a few weeks. Tell your man how you are feeeling an dmake sure he gives you a special big hug. mum

  3. aww lady. i've been feeling flat too *hugs*
    i like to take a long luxurious soak in the bath and listen to simon and garfunkle. i kinda wallow in my mood, but then i go to bed and try to wake up anew the next day.

    hope you're feeling chipper soon :)

  4. I know how you feel, my mum randomly went to hospital and it wasn't anything life threatening but the feeling of helplessness is awful like suddenly you remember that 'what if' moment.
    That along with other things is one of the reasons we're planning to move back next year, I just felt like sometimes you can't be where you want to be but where you need to be!

    Play some scrabble, drink some wine, cuddle your dogs, exercise and watch some trashy TV, always a winner with me (not necessarily in that combination!)

  5. Awww, thank you all - very much feeling the love.

    beci and mum you are the best, and yes dear sister I will ring you!

    pilgrim - I hope you are feeling not so flat soon, and littleclouds - I think you have a near perfect recipe for dealing with flatness there!


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