02 October 2010

Etsy Spotlight*: Little Beehive

*Etsy Spotlight - where I get to share some of my most favourite Etsy shops!

How have I not known about Little Beehive until now?  It's the Etsy shop of Melbourne freelance illustrator Bee, and it features her mid-century influenced designs on gorgeous greeting cards, invitations and even colour-in cards.

She also has a super cool blog too where she features a bunch of other talented artists, as well as her own work (including some free downloads - hurrah!).  

Can you guess which design is my favourite?!


  1. great local find! (im from melbourne). your blog is really sweet too - i found your link via MMatMikes! x

  2. Hello! So nice to meet you :) Your blog is super gorgeous, and I very much love your creations - how had I not found them earlier I don't know!


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