22 September 2010


Well, I'm back from what has been possibly the most relaxing getaway we've ever done.  There will be much more about that once I've gotten through the what-time/day/planet-is-it? soupiness and sorted through all 331 (yep! 331!) photos.

In the meantime I'm playing along with Meredith (aka @thinkthinkers) over at Oh, the Thinks You Can Think and reveling in some tasty 70s fashion.  I've dug deep in to the family archives to share some of the 'style' of my early childhood.

Go have a look at Meredith's photos you'll see it seems that the 70s were quite cold and that ear-covering, under-chin-tying, knitted beanies were the height of kiddie fashion.

This is me aged about 2 with one of my aunties, Chris.  Feast your eyes on the purple flares, the leather beanbag and (look closely now!) the green espadrilles - seriously hip!  And that dress I'm wearing?  I reckon if they had it in adult sizes I'd probably still wear it now...

This is my step-dad, Erwin, who I can thank for introducing us to skiing.  I want that hat.

[I'm hoping mum will correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the top photo is of my Granny, on my dad's side. And it's all about those lapels.  Oh yeah.]

Do you want to play too?  Post some pics of your 70s fashion adventures and leave a link over at Meredith's blog. Please do!


  1. BONNET!!!

    Oh I adore adore adore those purple pinstriped flares. Imagine if you still had them. They would work as part of a Willy Wonka costume! And the shoes - well I would wear them.

    Thanks for playing.

  2. Ah yes - bonnet! That's the word!

  3. yes that is granny, and i am pretty sure i took that wonky photo of erwin when i was about 6 too. i am going to start plouging through my collection of 70's family photos this weekend - the best!


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