19 September 2010

Death by Doxie

Elfi has been complaining that lately I've spent too much time looking at other dachshunds on Flickr, so here she is front and centre again.

Our other dog, Ferdi, is quite content to use his little legs as an excuse to be lifted and carried everywhere.  To get on the couch, down a big step, on the bed - he waits for a lift.  If he overheats while we're out walking, he'll come to a complete halt and waits to be carried home.  Spoilt?  Perhaps.

Elfi, on the other hand, is quite the athlete.  She gets to all kinds of places that you wouldn't think a dachshund could get to.  And so it is that sometimes I'll find her just hanging out on the coffee table, watching the world go by and thinking about life, the universe and everything (or perhaps wondering what's for dinner.  I can never tell).

[ps. If you're ever a guest at our house don't worry - we keep both the dog and the table very clean...]


  1. oh elfi, you're so clever! see, just another reason i can't get a doxie... no coffee table here haha

  2. teehee I love their little folds on their stubby arms so frickin cute I want to chomp on them! (not in a eating way, in a tickley baby way!)


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