26 September 2010

The Fortress Wall of Mt. Bukak*

Yes, I know I should be telling you all about our amazing holiday in Europe but to be honest I haven't even started going through the 331 photos.  It's been kind of busy since we got back (fun busy though!) and any spare time I've had I've been blogging (drafting posts for Handmade Spark) and crafting (working on some new pin cushion/softie designs that I am quite pleased with, but more about that some other time).  So, you will just have to wait!

In Seoul at the moment there is a definite crispness in the air - it's our first Autumn here and I think it's going to be a beauty!  The sun is shining, the light is soft and the night air is pleasantly chilly.  The drop in temperature is getting us all excited about the possibilities of a white xmas - we've already started planning out our decorations, snowman (fingers crossed) and xmas feast!

Today really was rather beautiful - sunshine, blue skies, a skerrick of a hint of a chill in the shade and that gorgeous, almost hazy, autumn light.  A perfect day for a bit of hiking!  Hiking is a national past time in Korea - every weekend you will see swarms of Koreans in brightly coloured outdoor gear heading to the many mountains and hills that surround the city with a backpack and a walking stick and a picnic blanket or two.

One of the walking spots that we've been reading a lot about lately is the Seoul Fortress Wall - it surrounds central Seoul so it's super easy to get to and it offers access to some beautiful forested walking tracks; breathtaking views of Seoul; and a bit of history as well (it's been around in various forms since 1396).  I would have loved to show you more photos, however one of the many guards (dressed in bright outdoor gear, of course) made me delete a bunch of them...

 As with most Korean tourism, details in English were sketchy.  So, here are some logistics in case you want to go:
- Take your passport or ID card.  Some sections of the wall curve around the Blue House (where the president lives) so there is a lot of security, and they won't let you up certain paths without first checking your travel documents and issuing a pass.
- We drove via Samcheong-dong, through the tunnel, and parked at Samcheonggak.  The path up to the fortress wall is just a few minutes walk back on the road you've just driven up, just before you hit the tunnel.  The walk up to the wall here is fairly steep, but pretty and only about 15-20 minutes long.
- If you catch public transport to this part of the wall the walk would be longer; 30-60 minutes depending on whether you catch train or train plus a bus.
- You can take photos is some places, but not all.  Rule of thumb - if you see barbed wire fences, put the camera away!

*to give it it's official Cultural Heritage Foundation name

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