29 September 2010

Birds eye view...

Yesterday marked the 60th anniversary of UN allied forces reclaiming Seoul from North Korea during the Korean War. And Friday is Armed Forces Day, which marks the founding of South Korea's military. (Or so I believe, details are surprisingly sketchy.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.)

Which all meant that there were parades and ceremonies and speeches in central Seoul, which is kind of right where we live.  There were also the most amazing batch of flybys - all kinds of helicopters and jets streaming overhead in formation.  They came so close to our balcony you could almost touch them (I did say almost...)  All terribly wasteful I suppose, and yet you can't help but be impressed when they go roaring past.

And I was delighted to see Elfi barking madly at the fighter planes.  Yeah, you tell 'em Elf!

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