10 September 2010

Death by Doxie x Flickr Finds

Introducing the ever adorable Mocha and Levi!  I think Anne Marie (aka geckoam) takes such beautiful photos of her beloved dachshunds, she seems to really capture their little doxie personalties.  And that ear biting thing - so funny! And so typical!  Ferdi spends most of his day walking around the house with Elfi's ear in his mouth...

Looking through Anne's photostream on Flickr, it's clear her dogs are much better trained than our two, because she also does a lot of holiday and themed photo shoots - we're talking costumes, back drops and props.  They rarely seem to degenerate in to a let's-chew-on-everything-in-sight-including-the-camera-and-photographer fest, like my attempts do.  Her set shots always make me laugh.  Awesome!

[If you haven't already done so, you must check out the 'Ralph' set by serenah photography.  Truly death by doxie genius!]


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