24 May 2012

Soup days...

I'm not sure about you, but sickness means soup time in our house. It was the same when I was a kid, and even now the first thing my folks in Australia think of if I let on that we're under the weather is how they can post me a batch of my step-dad's patented flu killer, aka chicken soup. (Interestingly when I was in Hong Kong I was told that if you follow the guidelines of Chinese medicine you absolutely should not eat chicken soup if you're sick, because it strengthens the bad guys.)

But for us, soup represents healing and warmth and care. It also makes a great camping-out-in-the-hospital meal because all you need is a good thermos and some crusty bread and you've got a tasty home cooked meal! So, with the husband being ill I've been souping it up big time. 

I made Taste's chicken and sweetcorn soup for the first time, and it was tasty and ridiculously easy. I also made Stephanie Alexander's delicious and surprisingly creamy (for a soup that has no dairy products) leek and potato soup. And this week I made a beef, barley and leek soup based on another ridiculously easy recipe, this time from Smitten Kitchen. 

Does sick mean soup in your world? Any favourite recipes you can share?

In other news, we had to cancel our trip to Australia, which was a bit sad but rather sensible considering the circumstances. And not so bad as we've decided to fly the step-sons over to see us instead (how great that we are able to do that!). 

And it looks like we'll be hanging out with the nurses for a few more days yet, but that's okay because the nurses are lovely. 

And we've been watching so many DVDs, to try and keep boredom at bay. Including the new version of V which I though was great (if you like sci fi, check it out). Plus re-watching old favourites like Boston Legal, Best in Show, Flushed Away and Charlie Wilson's War.

And, in related news, I've now got the Words With Friends and Draw Something apps - so start a game with me if you like (I'm 'ejorpin').

And yesterday a repairman set our fridge on fire, which caused me to freak out a bit and have a little cry (I find sometimes everything is a bit more bearable after a little cry, don't you?). And our lovely gardener gave me a hug and told me not to worry, which was pretty sweet of her. 

And today has been much better than yesterday, thank goodness!


  1. Soup absolutely means sick in my world. There's no better remedy!

  2. Oh no Emily I am so sorry your hubby is still not well will have to try your recipe it looks so tasty I did a post on a mushroom soup recipe the other day which my mother-in-law gave me its very easy & yummy too!

    Starting to get a little cool in the evenings here so nice to warm us up a bit my husband laughs at me (I must be a frog) hee hee.

    Hope the fridge situation is sorted now xx

    1. Oh I love mushroom soup but have never made it, will definitely check out your post - thanks!

  3. I definitely think soup when I'm sick. I also do when it starts getting cold and rainy outside and I've actually been enjoying some yummy soup days too. My favourite would have to be potato and leek. I could eat it in buckets ;)

    I can't believe the repairman set your fridge on fire! What the?! But thank goodness for lovely gardeners and for better days filled with step-sons ahead.


    1. Thanks lovely. I too am a fan of potato and leek - really I love any soup with a good dose of leek. An old favourite is leek and zucchini, yum!

  4. Hey E! I wanted to come by and say I am glad that you and your husband are out of the hospital! I will say, even tho it's no fun to be sick or in the hospital those are some neat photos from the last posts. You are so good at finding the great angles!

    This soup looks delicious. I personally love tomato with grilled cheese, a classic!

    1. Thank you! Strangely I've never made a tomato soup, I do love the idea of having it with grilled cheese - a perfect flavour combination (though I have a feeling I might go heavy on the grilled cheese, light on the soup!)

  5. Soup always makes me think of fall and winter! I hope your hubby gets better soon!


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