18 May 2012

Death by Doxie : Elfi and the Sick Bed

Those of you that follow my pointless ramblings on Twitter will know that the past week or so have been a bit sick in our household - the husband managed to get himself a dose of pneumonia. (I could write a whole other post about people who pretend they are not sick and don't go to the doctor and make their wives sit up worrying all night, debating whether they should call an ambulance or not, but that's for another day...). 

Anyway, the husband has been been under strict orders to stay in bed for seven days, so to stop him from completely losing his mind with boredom we've set up a sick bed in the lounge room. Now at least he has a change of scenery and easy access to Seinfeld: The Complete Series

Of course Elfi thinks that the bed was set up for her and, being the mountain goat that she is, has had quite a jolly time exploring and nesting. We've lifted Ferdi up on it a few times so that he wouldn't feel too left out. I think they will be quite sad when the bed goes back to it's proper place.


  1. Adorable dogs! :)
    I hope your husband gets well soon!

  2. Oh no I hope hubby gets better soon, thats typical of dogs hee hee my 2 would have done the same :) they look so cute!!

  3. I hope your hubby gets well soon Emily!
    A dose of doxie though is surely what the doctor ordered. :D

  4. Oh goodness, I hope he gets well soon. Pneumonia can get complicated if he doesn't let himself recover completely. :(

  5. Wow - pneumonia! That sounds scary for both of you! But I love your making the best of the situation with the portable sick bed. LOVE your bedspread colour/pattern.

  6. Emily, your doxies are beautiful! My partner's mother has two minatures and the soulful face on Elfi is so uncannily alike to theirs. Love!


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