14 May 2012

Kickstarter is Ace : Part Two

Back in this post I mentioned that Kickstarter is ace because not only do you get to play a role in making great ideas become a reality, you also get things in the mail! Really very cool things too! Here's a bunch of things that have landed in my mailbox over the past few months, all from Kickstarter projects I've backed in the past half year or so. 

First up is the very ace 'Intergalactiphant' from Bunny With A Toolbelt's Elephabet project. He is every bit as great in real life as you'd think. The rather exciting news is that there's an Arfabet project kicking off soon, and I imagine there'll be a fair few doxies up for grabs!

I love card games, so Creatures grabbed my eye - I haven't played it yet but it looks like a lot of fun and I really love the drawings and design, it has a kind of retro look don't you think? The aim of the game is to create creatures with your cards and battle it out in a survival of the fittest type scenario. 

And lastly, I think I mentioned before that I'm a sucker for a documentary and Death in Arizona seemed an incredibly poignant project to back. I knew nothing about director Tim Dirdamal at the time, but his video for the project - which documents a year of heart break in Bolivia - was beautiful, bleak and captivating. Part of the reward for this project is a set of striking block prints made by Tim's mother, they are quite stunning.


  1. Amazing stuff. You've really found some gems on Kickstarter! Those woodblock prints are so evocative.

  2. Uh oh. Just lost 35 minutes lost on 'Elephant with a toolkit'. Adorable. I want the entire Elephabet collection.


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