07 May 2012

Everyday Objects : Vintage Napkins

With a visit from one of my sisters-in-law and her family, last xmas was the first time in years that there was more than just the five of us around the festive table. And, as any sane person would, I saw this as reason to spend days hours trawling Etsy in search of the perfect set of vintage napkins for the occasion. 

At the time I was a little obsessed with a moody colour scheme of greys and blues, with a bright pop of yellow (see this). Not exactly festive but...well, I have no answer. 

The napkins of awesome above - in all their polka-dotty, daisy goodness - are from Ligonberries and Moss. The slightly more subdued floral numbers below are from Retro Rubbish, an Etsy shop that never fails to tempt me with it's fun retro loveliness.

Everyday Objects is all about celebrating the design in our day to day lives.  Recognising those little things that bring a bit of happiness to our day through beautiful, thoughtful design or by reminding us of happy times gone by.  See all the posts here.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the dotty napkins.
    Yellow, grey and blue may not be festive but it sure is pretty!


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