21 December 2011

Seoul in the mist

Whilst I have been greatly enjoying the glorious crisp blue sky Winter days we've been having of late, I do quite like those days (like today) when the weather closes in and everything is half seen and half heard.  Mist makes everything seem rather mysterious and romantic, don't you think?  

In other weather-related news, we finally had a bit of snow over night.  It's pretty much all melted already but they're predicting more falls in the lead up to Xmas, so it might be a white one after all - hooray!

ps. For more misty goodness (by photographers way more accomplished than me) head on over to my Snap! board on Pinterest.  You will see that I have a bit of a thing for mist...


  1. oh misty! have a merry christmas and a happy new year emily!

  2. Fantastic pics! I adore misty days! I especially love mist in country fields in the morning. So pretty.

    I've only visited Seoul the once. A few years back in mid Dec and I remember how cold it was. No snow though. I can't wait to experience a snowy Xmas.


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