22 December 2011

New Traditions #2: The Photo Book

In keeping with the rigorous standards I have established here on Good Things*, last Xmas I started a 'series' of blog posts around traditions.  This 'series' lasted all of one post, before the holiday madness really set in.  So I thought that 12 months later was a good enough time as any to continue the 'series'...

In the first post I wrote about how I love traditions, how I love that they provide both a link to the past and a promise to the future.  I wrote about creating new traditions with my husband and his step-sons and their Mum.  I wrote about the giant felt advent calender which I made in 2009, and which I add to each year (and which is currently up on our wall again this year).   

I love the advent calendar - it was a beast to make but I like that we'll be able to use it for years to come. But my favourite new tradition has to be the photo book.  

Back in 2007 while I was desperately trying to think of something ace to give my ridiculously hard to buy for husband I stumbled across Blurb, the totally ace website that lets you make a book.  I made a little book titled 'Ferdi says hi' - it was around this time that I'd stopped working, so to amuse myself I'd take photos of Ferdi looking ridiculously cute and email them to my husband with the subject line 'Ferdi says hi' - filled with photos or our adventures from the past twelve months.

I've made a book each year since then, and each year they get thicker and thicker.  The thing I really love about this new tradition is that I'm not the only one that gets a kick out of it.  Obviously the wanna-be photographer in me loves putting them together, and I know my husband loves getting the book each year, but more than that the step-sons eagerly anticipate it too - just the other day they asked me if I'd made a book this year!  Traditions shared are the best kind, aren't they?
If you'd like to read about some more holiday traditions, check out this gorgeous post from Bird's Eye View, written in 2010.  Or more recently, there's been some lovely guest bloggers writing about traditions, their own and ideas for yours, on the Creative Collective blog.  Read Charlotte's post here and Kathryn's post here.


  1. What a wonderfully creative tradition, not to mention a truly unique & heartfelt gift! Thank you for sharing your books & the link - I am definitely checking that out. Love the square format you used - I do so love a square book/photo! :)
    Also? I would totally buy a book stuffed full with your doxies, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one!

  2. Those books look amazing! Wow. That's the BEST tradition. Merry christmas to you! Kellie xx

  3. what a terrific idea! i love the square books! will have to try it out myself too :)

  4. so lovely!! I've been meaning to do a blurb book and yours is just so gorgeous!

  5. What a wonerful tradition! I love it. It's cute and heartfelt.
    I tend to email my other half, Greg a lot of random things and I'm thinking this might be a good creative outlet for that. :)

  6. I LOVE this tradition! So much so I think I might steal it! It would be great to make a book at the end of each year, with a little collection of all our favourite photos from the year... SO going to do it!

    Katie x

  7. Oh I love holiday traditions. Now that I have children I have forged our own. I paint a wooden ornament for each daughter and give it to them on December 1st. That is our kickoff to Christmas where we give small, Christmas themed gifts that can be enjoyed until Christmas like PJs, ornaments, etc.

    My MIL mails us her wonderful cookies as well as a handmade ornament or decoration.

    I have also been making a calendar of pictures of my girls for the grandparents since my first was born. I used Apple this year & was really pleased with the results.

    Merry Christmas!! :D

  8. Gosh, that's such a lovely idea Emily ... and what a wonderful tradition. I love traditions too, though perhaps sometimes I err too far on the side of sentimentality ... but I figure that's OK at this time of year! ;)

    Your book and the photos look beautiful ... you'll likely inspire us all to start similar traditions of our own ... and this could be a perfect excuse to use the many, many photos I take of my pets.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments - I am so happy with the idea of all of you making your own photo books! Looking forward to seeing them all

    And Tracey, you can never have too many photos of your pets!

  10. I am so checking that out! Sounds like a great idea :)

  11. Wow thats great I love it will have to take a peek :)


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