09 December 2011

Mail art to Kimi Kobashi

Quite some time ago I sent my second ever mail art package out to the gorgeous Kimi and now I am finally blogging about it!  I had emailed Kimi beforehand to get some ideas as to what she might like, and the result was a package that combined three themes - femininity, fashion and Seoul life.

I included a fair few magazine clippings (including some from the rather whacky Cracker Your Wardrobe), some postcards and gift tags made from a gorgeous page I found in Paper magazine, and three little envelopes with various bits of Korean-ness in them (including scraps of beautiful handmade Korean paper).  But my favourite thing to make and send was the accordian book which you can see in the top photo.

ps. If you want to see Kimi's ridiculously cute rabbit checking out the package I sent, have a look here.


  1. Beautiful! What a lovely way to share Seoul with someone else. :)

  2. Everything you sent was so exquisite ~ especially the beautiful accordion book and the little tags. The collection of fashion was really fun, too! I can't wait to make something for you. Receiving your pretty package in the mail made me so happy. Thanks again, Emily!

  3. i love this, i wanna make one!

  4. Thats really lovely I can see Kim loved it who wouldn't hand made is the best!! :)


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