15 December 2011

All wrapped up...

The past few days I have been locked in my office surrounded by piles of presents, paper and ribbon, with the occasional trip out to stand in long queues at the post office.  Ah yes, the life of an expat at Christmas time!  


  1. oh i like these! so simple and easy, but they look so pretty. i was thinking i need to start wrapping my gifts tonight. my tree looks so sad without anything under it.

    and i want to put your doggies in my pocket and take them around everywhere. SO CUTE!!

  2. I'm not an expat, but I moved interstate so I know how you feel! And we wrapped our presents exactly the same, brown paper with ribbon without bows because when I tie a bow they look wonky.

  3. Hi Jorpin thanks for your lovely comment :) hope you got all the lovely wrapped gifts off okay in the post? I managed to do mine the other day have one more to post probably be late now but I just couldn't bring myself to queue behind 30 people :( will try again tomorrow :) xx

  4. Oh I love how simple they are but look so festive and inviting!


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