21 October 2011

Color Palette Blog Walk: The Color of Joy

Today I am super excited to be participating in the Color Palette Blog Walk hosted by the amazingly talented color genius herself - Brandi at Brandi Girl Blog.  The theme for this round is 'The Color of Joy'.  

Being the total nonce that I am, I signed up to participate without actually having any means of creating a palette (friends and family take note: Photoshop is high on the xmas wish list this year).  Luckily Brandi came to the rescue and, using my photos and my rather poor color descriptions, put these amazing palettes together for me - thank you! So, with a massive debt of gratitude to Brandi, here are three palettes based on three things that bring me joy.

1. Autumn
Let's conveniently ignore the fact that this photo was taken in Spring, because really it does scream Autumn doesn't it?  That soft, hazy light; the gorgeous red of the leaves; warm days, cool nights; comfort food; scarves and boots - oh Autumn you bring me so much joy!

2. Sea
One thing I've really missed about living in Asia these past years is the easy access to the (clean) ocean.  It's not even that I love to swim (actually I'm a bit of a wuss - I'm easily freaked out by seaweed and things lurking unkown in the ocean depths; this fear hasn't been helped by a bad Bondi beach experience involving a stinging jelly fish who didn't want to let me go...) but there is something about being close to that big salty body of water that is immediately calming.  Whether you're strolling along a windy beach in the midst of Winter, or leaping off a rock in your underwear because you've completely overheated in the height of Summer, there is something just so incredibly cleansing about the sea.

3. The Little Things
Joy isn't all about big events and big holidays, more often than not joy is found in the little things.  Joy, happiness, often comes from noticing all those little things that happen to us and surround us every day. It might be this morning's perfect coffee, the smile from a stranger in the street, or the sunshine streaming in your office window.  It might be a favourite print that you've had framed, a holiday souvenir that you treasure, or a piece of furniture that has a history all of it's own.  Or perhaps it's just admiring the wonderful harmony between this purple-grey succulent, olive green Hornsea bowl and rosewood sideboard.  Whatever it is, I'm always grateful for the little things.


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  1. What beautiful color palettes!!! The "little things" really speaks to my color palette… They are all so beautiful!

  2. My goodness, I LOVE your photos!! They are all so vibrant - from the deep blues to the warm browns and spicy reds. I enjoyed seeing a peek of what JOY means to you! :-)

  3. Emily, I'm so glad to help. Truly, you have no idea how much I enjoy making color palettes!

    And as for yours, the photos are stunning. My sister has one of those red trees in her yard, and I found myself smiling and nodding as you described how perfect it is for autumn! It's a gorgeous shade of red, and I think it's even more stunning because you don't see a whole lot of natural reds that are bright and eye-catching and pleasant to the eye.

    And I'm with you on the ocean and the little things in life. There's something about both that is so humbling. I feel gratitude for those tiny moments!

  4. Each photo is so clear and crisp and the colors... well, I want to say that each one is my favorite! The first is just a fabulous shot of the Japanese Maple (if I'm identifying that correctly), the second one is a color palette I frequently use. The third is such an interesting perspective, as well as take on color! Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Gorgeous palettes..all so strong and harmonious. I especially love the succulent one...although, interestingly I do not even usually gravitate to these colors at all!
    I think it is because I do love succulents...have a heap in the garden. I very much like your words...beautifully expressed.

  6. You have a very charming space here in the blogdom, Miss Emily! I love these 'little things' that bring you joy. It really is about amassing a great many little things to experience the larger feeling of joy, isn't it? Thank you for playing along, and yes to the Photoshop! Enjoy the day!

  7. Love your photos and palettes! Especially the first one... my favorite! Plus, I looove succulents! :-) Glad to have you on the blog walk!!

  8. You are absolutely right that joy is found in the little things...like Hope sleeping on her window seat less than two feet away. I feel like you do about the ocean. I grew up on the Pacific (Guam) and now live by the Atlantic (Florida) and felt land-locked when I lived in the St. Louis. Really love the colors in the succulent palette.

  9. I love the succulents! I have a cat that eats houseplants, so I'd like to try those and see if he'd leave them alone!

    PhotoShop Elements is not too expensive and is on Amazon.com, if you didn't already know (which you probably already did!). You'll love it!


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