11 October 2011

The BIG Project

Do you have a big project in your life right now?  One that is years, possibly even decades in the making?  One that fills you both with unbelievable excitement and a healthy dose of trepidation when you think of it?  For me right now, our big big project is the house we recently bought in Sydney, Australia.

While we are living overseas the house is being rented.  But one day, when we final settle down a bit, it will be the house my husband and I will live in.  We have quite a few more years yet of moving from country to country, from rented apartment to rented apartment, but one day this house in Sydney will be our first real home.  

And it's going to be my responsibility to make sure it is a home we love.  You see, eventually we'll be renovating. Or, more accurately, I'll be renovating - at some distant point in the future, while my husband continues to work overseas, I'll come back to Australia and play foreman.  Even though it's a long way off, it's already an idea that fills me with eager anticipation (and stomach churning anxiety)!  

I've channeled some of this excited energy into creating inspiration books for different areas - the garden, bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, etc.  It is so much fun pouring over interior magazines and dreaming away...  Imagine how chock full of ideas these books are going to be by the time I actually get to work? Yikes!


  1. so exciting! we are doing the same thing - although the next step. i'm up to the bit where i have to sort through years of ideas gathering (although much more messy than your lovely organisation) and put them into a "brief" to give to the architect! this week! its a HUGE job. plus raph has to like all the pictures too - actually that is the biggest job. i'll let you know how it goes! xx

  2. how fun! i love drooling over home decor. i give you credit for getting started and organizing your ideas!! sounds like fun.

  3. I'm sure your house will look fabulous, you have a good eye, and good taste of course! Can't wait to see the pictures when it starts happening...in a few years time lol!
    I've been meaning to compile a scrapbook too with interior design images...I find that I'm always tossing between a clean minimal look with wood and white walls or...a cozy home with clutter in between!


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