17 October 2011

What I wore...

Well, weren't you were all so ridiculously nice to me for my first what I wore post?  You've really only got yourself to blame for my continued narcissism...Here's pretty much what I'm living in at the moment, now that my favourite season is here.  

For me, Autumn dressing is all about not overheating, not turning in to a red cheeked sweaty mess (so glamorous, right?).  I love Winter layers so when the temperature drops I'm sorely tempted to start playing with boots and coats and fun knitted mittens.  But I hate overheating with a passion, and there seems to be some arbitrary day when the air-con is turned off and the heaters are switched on regardless of the fact it's still 22 degrees and sunny outside...so instead I turn to leggings and shift dresses and I stay cool and happy.  

My favourite thing about this outfit?  It is so very easy to wear.  It's one of those outfits where in your head you feel like you're strolling about in your PJs, but you actually look pretty damn pulled together. Plus, the best shoes ever  - I love the colour blocking - which are surprisingly comfortable despite the rather high heel. Also, the bag (see below).  Thank you for bringing a burst of sunshine in to my days, Kate Spade!

Dress: Mango
Stockings: Not sure, but they are 200 denier and they are ace!
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Kate Spade
Piggy: Fruit Fly!

It's kind of strange that both posts have featured a Mango dress, because I don't really like Mango all that much (although I do like Penelope Cruz!) and I find their sizing is all over the place.  Some non-Mango posts (maybe some vintage!) will be along shortly, depending on whether you all shower me with compliments again...


  1. Loving everything about this Em!
    The bursts of green, the colour blocking, the tights ...... everything!
    A dash of happiness to sizzle along my afternoon - thank you!

  2. Oh my daisies, that outfit is brilliant!! I love, love the shoes and the bag pulls the whole thing together nicely. Oh, I was browsing/wasting time on Asos today and immediately thought of you when I found a Doxie range of jewellery - check it out lady, they are CUTE!!

  3. very gorgeous, looks so comfortable and elegant at the same time - and matching shoes and bag and dress that sort of matches the wallpaper

  4. Oh wow! You definitely have the best of both worlds with this outfit. Style and comfort is the ultimate win! Love that bag! I'm a huge Kate Spade fan and only have a little green wallet to call my own... so far! ;)

    PS Your sideboard is AMAZING!

  5. Oh don't you look super comfy yet super adorable. I love everything about that outfit. And that Kate Spade bag is gorgeous!


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