28 October 2011

Death by Doxie: The Ferdi Grooms Elfi Edition

Although Elfi hogs most of the limelight we do actually have two dachshunds.  One of my favourite things is to watch them together - I love that they are such good friends.  Whenever Elfi is uncertain or nervous she will look for Ferdi (who is one year older, and also not quite as neurotic as she is).  And they will always, always end up sleeping in a pile together.  And each day Ferdi cleans Elfi's face (she seems to quite enjoy it, I think).


  1. Oh my Emily my heart is melting - they truly are THE most adorable friends.


  2. pilgrim - I take no responsibility at all, it's just your own inner 'crazy dachshund lady' finally being released. Have I mentioned we want to get a third? Where will it stop? Five?

  3. Elfie looks completely blissed out, I don't know about three - could cause tension and Elfi would become the middle child!

  4. Too cute! When we eventually get dogs, I want two, so that, hopefully they will be good friends.


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