06 November 2013

Frocktober : Week Four

I've been avoiding this post, just a little, because really - who wants to put a collage of ten goofy selfies on their blog? Not me. But here it is. Frocktober, the last ten days. (In case you're wondering, it's not too late to sponsor me. Go ahead, click on over, cough up a fiver or two for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Thanks.) It's been six frock less days (well, not completely frock less. I have frocked up for dinner most nights). Have I missed it? Well...yes and no. 

Yes because it was fun being a part of something; it was ace getting those 'you've received a donation' emails. And yes, because I always like having a little project to do, something I'm committed to and accountable for each day. And yes, because we raised just under $1300! So great and way beyond all my expectations. Thanks again for all the support! 

But also no because it was harder than I thought it would be. Which sounds so stupid and kinda lame. I mean, I'm complaining about wearing a dress everyday? Get a grip lady! But it was tricky. No 'uniform' to fall back on; having to actually think about what to wear each day. And don't even mention the often uncooperative weather (it was a very windy month here in Sydney!). (Clairey Hewitt wrote a bit about this too, about the surprising challenge of wearing a frock every day for a month.) 

And then there was the whole selfie business (which stupidly I hadn't even considered when I signed up). Taking and posting a photo of myself every day was something very far outside my comfort zone. But I did it. And towards the end I didn't care so much about my weird looking knees or my shiny, frowny face. I felt a bit more comfortable in front of the camera, I had a bit of fun. And I realised my legs are pretty ace, actually. I might even do a few more 'what I wore' posts. Might. Quite surprising what a journey a month of dressing up can be. 

Frocktober also forced me to have a good, hard, honest look through my frock-drobe. I've rediscovered hidden gems and I've parted with a few frocks that really just weren't me. I've also re-embraced a bunch of frocks that were relegated to the 'too booby' pile while we were living in Korea...

Korean ladies love tiny skirts and super short shorts; they'll wear bottom bits so small you sometimes think they've forgotten to put pants on. But their busts stay very well hidden - even the lower neck area is a no go zone. In the early days of moving to Seoul I made the mistake of wearing a tee with a slight scoop neck, and I've never felt so conspicuous and so uncomfortable. From then on I was pretty cautious about my necklines, and a lot of frocks became unwearable for a few years. But - in Sydney these same frocks look positively chaste! So welcome back, booby frocks! 

Outfit details: 
22. Frock - Totem / Sandals - Zara 
23. Denim Sack of Awesome (number six - and yes, I know technically it's chambray) - French Connection / Sandals - ALDO / Bangles - Kate Spade 
24. Frock - made590 / Heels - ModCloth / Movie star hair - Desmond & Molly Jones
25. Frock (well, more a tee shirt really) - Threadless / Sandals - ALDO 
26. Frock - ModCloth / Heels - Anne Klein / Really messed up pose - A crazy day
27. Frock- Threadless. That is all. 
28. Frock - Ganni via asos / Belt - Sportsgirl (I think. I bought it years ago.) / Heels - ModCloth 
29. Frock - H+M / Blouse - American Apparel / Heels - Hoehyundong Underground Shopping Centre 
30. Frock - ModCloth / Heels - Nine West 
31. Frock - ModCloth / Cardigan - Marks + Spencer / Heels - Midas / Brooch - Samah Designs on Etsy / Goofy Grin - Thanks to you!


  1. This collage shows how much blue is in your wardrobe.

    I like 24 best - both the dress, and your hair looks ace.

    1. Thanks..and you're right - so much blue! Think it's always been a staple in my wardrobe…kind of easy I guess. And everyone keeps saying I should wear my hair out more often, but that would require a live-in hair stylist. So maybe not!

  2. Congratulations on a wonderful Frocktober Emily! You've not only raised a magnificent amount for a great cause but I love how you stepped outside your comfort zone a little and gained something from it. I've adore seeing more of you, your beautiful face and fabulous style. Thanks so much!


    PS I would kill for legs like yours!

    1. Thanks Teresa, it's been lovely comments from people like you that made it so much easier to step out of that safe place! x

  3. Well done on your fantastical Frocktober achievements ... your dress collection has made me a little jealous though, but I'll forgive you. ;)

    Selfies are not something I'm all that good at sharing, but perhaps I should be a little braver. You're most definitely ace!

    1. Thanks Tracey and please do share! I've a feeling you've got some super cute style going on…would love to see it x


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