18 November 2013

Things I Miss...

There is so much that is awesome about being back in Australia. 

The gorgeous Sydney beaches, the good wine, the nectarines and sweet, sweet corn. How my Mum can just 'pop up' to Sydney for a few days, or how I can head to Melbourne for my sister's super fun 40th without too much trouble. Being able to spend more time with friends and family, and finally meeting some of my virtual friends in the real world (and finding out that they are just as ace off line as on!). So much awesome.

But…there are things I miss, about being overseas and about having a home (we're still living in our 'cosy' serviced apartment and most of our stuff is still in storage somewhere). In no particular order, here are some things I miss right now:

Ferdi and Elfi
Namdaemun's ribbon shops (but finding this Australian website has eased the pain somewhat)
My scanner (you don't realise how many times a day you scan and email something until you have to walk to Officeworks every time you need to do it)
An internet connection that doesn't drop out every few seconds and can cope with having 15+ tabs open at once 
Mandoo! Soup! Noodles! Soupy Noodles! With Mandoo!
My husband having his own office (right now I'm hearing every word of his midnight conference calls…)
My washi tape stash 
Our books
Watching movies on long haul flights
The cold (I know this sounds crazy - I'm loving the beautiful early summer in Sydney but I'm also strangely missing that sudden drop below zero in Seoul...) 
My tote bag collection (I didn't bring any with me, but I refuse to buy anymore as I have too many…can't wait to break them all out of storage; I miss this one the most)
Not having to worry about my purse / backpack / camera being pinched 
Muji, Uniqlo and all the cheap but good 'Made in Korea' stuff (knits and socks especially)
Having only a short flight between me and two of my favourite cities in the world 
Everything being new and strange and kind of wonderful because of that...


  1. I can imagine how you must be missing your home away from home, especially with the loveable pooches away and waiting for your new place to come together.

    Did you hear they're opening Muji and Uniqlo stores in Melbourne? I'm pretty excited about that!


    1. Yes! I've heard this from a few excited Melbourne peeps! I won't quite believe it until it happens though ;)

      ps. Why does Melbourne get all the great retail first?

  2. Aww. Are you able to visit your pups at the kennel?

    1. Yes! We've seen them a few times. There's a beach and good fish + chips just near the kennel, so it makes for a fun day out. And they seem so happy at the kennel - lot's of doggie friends and the employees there clearly love them too - very reassuring to see!

  3. emily, you write so well, and your pic is great. Can i ask, how long were you away for....and were you there for work or love or both?.....

    1. Thanks Shani! We were away for about six years all up (a year and a bit in Hong Kong, then the rest in Seoul) - so it was a fair chunk of time…flew by so fast though! We moved for my husband's work, so I guess it was for both! x

  4. I just saw your posts about socks and knits. Ok, I now know for sure. When I go to Korea, I'll take an empty suitcase with me!!!!

    1. Definitely leave room for shopping! There is so much great stuff at ridiculously good prices… Do you have a trip planned or is it on your wish list? Let me know if you want any tips!

  5. I'm too scared to move back to Australia. It terrifies me senseless. At the moment, I can't imagine not living in HK. But I miss clean air and camping in Australia and having a "real" holiday (instead of "trips" to see family - these are not relaxing!)

    Iv'e been thinking about you and wondering how you are settling in. I hope the reno is finished soon so you can make your own home. Cat xox


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