22 October 2013

Frocktober : Week Three

Week three - DONE! We are in the home stretch people! And I've raised my target again - hit $1K, now aiming for $1300. Really amazing. I thank you. The ovaries of Australia thank you. And if you haven't donated yet there's still plenty of time to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation - just click on over. Even five dollars is awesome, if that's all you can spare. 

Week three was a busy one for me, and a rather emotional one too. Lots of ups and downs. There was a photography workshop with Brooke Holm, where I got to meet the ever colourful Gourmet Girlfriend in real life. And I met Megan Morton too which was pretty ace. (More on that at a later date). I went to a play and saw some art and ate lots of food, and stayed out late on a Saturday night for the first time in a very long time. I battled stinking hot days (Sydney) and hail storms (Melbourne) and I got to hang out with some of my favourite people. Hurrah! 

Outfit details: 
15. Denim Sack of Awesome (number four) - ASOS / Ankle boots - Novo 
16. Frock - Oasis via ASOS (now half price!) / Slingback heels - Vintage Bruno Magli (from an Etsy shop which seems to have closed down) / Belt - Gorman 
17. Shift dress - Gorman / Top - Witchery / Ankle boots - Novo / Overexposed photo - Exhaustion 
18. Frock - A Wear via ASOS / Top - Uniqlo Heattech (aka the best thermals on the planet) / Scarf - Zara (I think) / Ankle boots - Novo (get the impression I'm a bit in love with these shoes at the moment?) 
19. Frock - Marks + Spencer / Peep toe heels - Moschino / Weird knees - Mother Nature / Underexposed photo - Exhaustion
20. Denim Sack of Awesome (number five) - Zara / Sandals - ALDO / Arms of steel - Low weights, many reps 
21. Frock - ASOS / Flats - Ecote via Urban Outfitters / Jazz hands - By popular demand / Humiliation - It's for a good cause...

I didn't realise how much ASOS I was wearing until I put this list together!

ps. If you want a better look at each outfit and/or each ridiculous facial expression you can find bigger pics on my Instagram (posting daily) and on my sponsorship page (posting almost daily).


  1. Busy busy bee! Sounds like you've had an amazing time and I'm loving your frocks.

    PS Where's the gif with your jazz hands?? ;)

    1. Thanks for the reminder! Just added it in...

  2. You are one well dressed woman Emily! Congratulations on your efforts so farx
    (p.s I think I need a sack, or two, of awesomeness myself!)

    1. Thanks Kylie, loving your Frocktober posts too!


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