08 October 2013

Frocktober : Week One

Well, for someone who very rarely puts themselves in front of the camera this isn't confronting at all. Nope. Cough. But, it's all for a good cause - I'm wearing a different frock every day this month in support of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

There's currently no early detection test for ovarian cancer, which leads to a high mortality rate. The OCRF is working at developing awareness of the symptoms and causes of ovarian cancer. They're not government funded, so to do their good work they rely on people like you and I handing over our hard earned cash. So, if you have five bucks to spare, sponsor me

One week in and I'm slowly getting over my dread of the selfie. And - in even better news - we've raised $600! Wow! A big thanks to all of you who've donated, I really appreciate the support. And thank you too for all the lovely comments on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook. It's made posting the daily photo much less traumatic. 

Anyhoo, here's all the outfit details: 
1. Frock - Marks + Spencer / Belt - Zara / Heels - Midas 
2. Denim Sack of Awesome (summer weight) - Uniqlo / Flats - Ecote via Urban Outfitters (these are my absolute favourite flats. This is my third pair in 18 months, I wear them until they fall apart.)
3. Frock - Whistles via ASOS / Ankle boots - Novo 
4. Denim Sack of Awesome (winter weight) - Muji / Ankle boots - Novo 
5. Frock - Gap / Flats - Urban Outfitters / Ridiculous expression - All mine 
6. Frock - Mata Traders / Pretend high heels - Stylists own 
7. Frock - Gorman / Belt - Gorman / Ankle boots - Novo / Frown - From when I hadn't reached $500 yet. Frown no more!


  1. Hi Emily,
    you look gorgeous!
    I know what you mean about this frocking-on stuff being confronting.
    I hate having my photo taken - let alone sharing it with a bunch of 'strangers' (albeit nice ones),
    and yet I have decided to be a frockster this year too. Helping to raise funds for research into ovarian cancer is worth a bit of embarrassment, right?!
    Goodluck with your fundraising and with making it through the month.
    I love your denim sack of awesomeness (I have a similar sack by Gorman which I also think is pretty awesome) and - speaking of Gorman, your frock on Day Seven.
    Happy posing, Kylie x

    1. Thanks Kylie! When I signed up for Frocktober I somehow didn't even consider the whole photos-of-myself thing, but you are right - it's worth all the awkwardness and fear!

      ps. I think I *may* also have that Gorman denim dress...did I mention I am slightly obsessed with denim shirt dresses right now?

  2. It's so rare to see photos of you and I'm loving it! You are all types of adorable and I love your style.

    1. Thank you lovely Teresa! Who knows, I might turn in to a fashion blogger after this... (not likely!) x

  3. Well done, Emily! I'm in awe! I don't own 1 frock, skirts and tops, yes. Jeans and pants, yes, but frocks? Not one. Get frocked, Ro!

  4. Thanks Ro! You may recall as a kid I was not one for feminine frocks, I was definitely more of a jeans and shorts and tee kind of girl. My dress obsession has crept up on me later in life - I think it was realising you don't have to co-ordinate anything with a frock, you just throw it on and your done, that sold me!

  5. Go you! I love it how you are overcoming your fear of selfies for such a good cause.

  6. Good point Em. Without frocks one does need to co-ordinate.


Your comments make me happier than you could possibly imagine. Really! Thank you.