21 November 2012

Seoul Walking : Autumn Gold

Have I mentioned Autumn is my favourite season in Seoul? Oh, I have? Once or twice you say? Well, it is. And one of the best bits is the golden glow of the gingko trees that line so many streets. The leaves look especially stunning against the glorious blue Autumn sky. And when the wind blows so many leaves fall through the air it's like you're walking through a golden shower shower of gold. And after a windy day the city is carpeted in yellow (slippery as heck but so very pretty!).


  1. Oh my! All that golden yellow against the blue of the sky. I can see why it's your favourite time of year in Seoul!
    Gorgeous photos Emily. :)

  2. E. I always read your blog in my google reader and I just had to stop and comment! That top photo is gorgeous! Love those complements. Beautiful. So nice to see some great photos on such a special day!


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