30 April 2012

Dolphins in Vegas (plus a jet lag cure you probably don't want to try...)

We're back! Hurrah! Back in Seoul, back with the hounds, back to 130+ emails, piles and piles of washing and still so much to unpack, yikes...

In Vegas we stayed at The Mirage. We picked it because it's a little bit old-school and it's in a part of the strip that we haven't really stayed in before. The rooms weren't great, but the location was pretty awesome. Plus the pool was one of the best people watching places on the planet. And there were dolphins. It was a bit pricey to see the dolphins, but I think it was worth it. They are naturally playful and curious creatures (and surprisingly large), we could have watched them all day (but there was a cocktail calling our names...).

And that jet lag cure? It goes a little like this - while you're away make sure you pick up some hideous black death / flu type of bug, and time it so that it hits just as you're boarding the plane home. When you finally make it through all the fun that is a 14 hour flight, immigration and baggage queues and the long drive home, you'll be so horribly ill and exhausted that all you'll be able to manage is a quick shower before heading to bed. Then you'll sleep for a solid day or two, not knowing or caring what time zone you're in. By day three you'll wake up with the rising sun, through the worst of it and back on local time.


  1. sorry to hear about the awful flu you caught. Awesome photos of the dolphins though.
    I hope you're feeling much better soon. x

  2. Great photos!!! Hope you recover from your jet lag cure really fast!!!

  3. Glorious images Emily - hoping that the bug has 'exited the building' and you're all springy with vitality again.

    Hugs for the doxies, xxx

  4. That's one hell of a jet lag cure! I'm always so vague when I come off a plane and that's without a cold!

    LOVE the dolphin photos and I'm so glad to hear you back to feeling more like yourself.


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