04 April 2012

Mail Art to Saylor Made

I've been a bit neglectful of my beloved snail mail of late.  I've been wanting to put some mail art packages together over the past few months but life has just kept getting in the way (and will be getting in the way even more so over the next two weeks - more on that another time).  Anyway, last month I finally found the time and inspiration to finish some mail art replies and I've just found out they're arrived safe and sound - hurrah!  

This is a package I put together for Saylor Made, whose Limited Edition Sketchbook posts I've been enjoying of late (do go have a look - there's wonderful hand lettering, beautiful patterns and watercolours, and a touching poignancy in the subject matter).  Her last package to me featured two skunks 'hugging' on the envelope, so when I saw the photo of two fishes 'kissing' I though it would make a perfect reply!
The package was loosely based around things that I find slightly absurd or quirky.  It featured various paper ephemera, a 'Hello' goldfish card, dog stickers, a blue fluffy pom pom, and a postcard made from this photo.


  1. ok. now i'm officially jealous! i know that i get a little distracted.. oh, i completely forgot to book the washing machine repair guy.. what was I saying? oh, yes! how do i get in on the joy that is mail art?

  2. Thank you for the kind words about my LE Sketchbook! I loved this package adorned with kissing fish and featuring a wild collection of random bits. That is one of the most fascinating aspect of mail art, the clippings and paper ephemera from each person's collection.


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