12 January 2012

The World's Biggest Paper Chain*

So I was taking the xmas decorations down the other day, and I got completely distracted by the super giant, enormously long, paper chain that the step-sons have been working on for two whole years (okay, so actually it was a few days in 2010 and a few days in 2011, but why let facts get in the way of a good exaggeration).  As I pulled it down I ended up spending nearly an hour taking photos of it from every angle, while the rest of the decorations resolutely continued to deck the halls.

The paper chain is about 15 meters long at the moment, and next year it will get added to again.  I hope it doesn't fall apart for a few more years - I'm hoping that one day it'll get so long that we can string it through the entire house and then back on itself again!

*this claim is not officially verified by any kind of paper chain measuring association


  1. Brings back memories of grade school when you use to make these to hang in the hallway:)

  2. I adored making paper chains when I was younger and I still do!
    I love how adding to the chain is a Christmas tradition. You'll break that "world's biggest paper chain" record soon! :)

  3. What a lovely thing to do ... adding a few chains here and there each year ... it would be a glorious sight to see throughout the house ... although my cat would probably destroy it if I tried something similar.

    PS. Your photos are lovely (as always) ... Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xx

  4. We've got one too! Except ours is miniature (our tree's only about 2 feet tall) and made from vintage magazines and children's books. It might not be long enough for you, but it's gigantic on our tree! :D xoxo


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