06 January 2012

Death by Doxie : Ferdi's new toys

We didn't forget our doxies on Xmas day.  We got a bunch of new toys for them, including some Snoopy rattles and a cute plush version of Toy Story's Slinky Dog (all bought in Tokyo - Japan has the best stuff for your pets!).  

Normally it takes the dogs a little while to warm up to new toys, but Slinky was immediately Ferdi's favourite.  They've been near inseparable since Xmas day.


  1. Oh my gosh, those eyes kill me! The perfect example of puppy dog eyes!

  2. MY HEART. It melts!
    I can understand why Ferdi loves slinky. It's awesome!

  3. awww so cute!! our guy doesn't "get" his toys. we got a few things to amuse him and we've tried playing catch etc but i think being a breeder he was never taught how to play :( its sad!!

  4. Ferdi looks so very content in that 2nd shot, next to Slinky. What a cutiepatootie doxie!
    p.s. I wanted go to Japan before now, but after hearing it's got the market beat on doggy toys, it's a must! :D

  5. i agree, those eyes are TO DIE FOR. almost just like a cartoon. your dogs are soooooo cute!


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