11 January 2012

Kickstarter is Ace

I know I've mentioned Kickstarter before but here's the thing - it really is ace!  Because I've realised that not only do you get to back and spruik projects you love (thereby playing a role in making them actually happen), and not only do you get that warm and fuzzy glow that comes from doing whatever you're able to do to help someone else and make them happy, but you also get things!  Real, actual, super special things!

A few months ago I backed a bunch of projects, felt happy about their success and then kind of forgot about them.  But then a bunch of things arrived in my mail box - awesome things no less!  

Up top is a set of gorgeous recipe cards from the Oma and Bella project.  I backed Oma and Bella because I am a sucker for documentaries, and I love the story of hardship and friendship and recipes and really loud floral clothing that it hopes to tell.

Then down below is a bunch of awesome from Regretsy's Big Book of Fabricated Folktales from Finland project.  Yep, I helped fund April's visit to Finland.  And why not?  

Regretsy has given me so much joy over the years - as much as I adore Etsy it does all get a bit 'put a bird on it' at times, and Regretsy is the perfect antidote to that.  And contrary to popular opinion Regretsy has a big, happy heart at it's center (like all the best things do).  Also, after finally reading the Regretsy book, I think April may be one of the smartest young women on the planet.  There's something very honest and true behind all the shenanigans.  Plus, I got a woven badge with a Finnish swear word on it, hurrah!


  1. wow I bet you had a smile getting those items in the post :)))
    It must be a good feeling will go take a peek :)


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