20 July 2010

European Vacation: The Cruise - Decor

As I mentioned in my previous post, cruising is fabulous fun as long as you don't take anything too seriously.  This includes any desires you may harbour for taste, minimalism or restraint when it comes to decor on board.  It might have had the body of a ship, but it's heart was definitely in Vegas, baby!  Think crystals, mirrored surfaces, lots of gold and those staircases where every step features a string of lights.

The carpet above was in our favourite bar - 'Il Tucano!' - which was decorated with tucan shaped lamps in black and gold.  Classy.  (And for the punctuation pedants, I know I put an exclamation mark in the middle of a sentence but 'Il Tucano'! demands it.)

ps. You can play 'spot the romper' with these photos if you like...


  1. Is that last photo of a floor or wall ?!

    I love the shiny grey dancing shoes worn in the 3rd photo!

  2. The last photo is a tiled floor - it's the shallow bit of the pool (you can see water ripples in it).

    The grey shoes are that of a stylish Italian stranger, or a strange Italian styler, perhaps?


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