11 June 2015

The Search For The Perfect Winter Wedding Outfit

Weddings and spring and pretty floral frocks just all fit together, don't they? But what about winter weddings? What does one wear that's celebratory but warm? Cosy without being drab? I've got a wedding to go to in August, and when I spied these shoes a month or so ago I thought all my wedding outfit dilemmas were solved - a classic black dress, black stockings, and then BAM! these beauties sparkling on my feet. Perfect, yes? 

But now I'm not so sure. Traditionally one isn't meant to wear black to a wedding, so I've been expanding my options. 

Here's a few of the favourites right now:

So - classic and cute black frock from Leona Edmiston with gorgeous gold loafers, clearly a winner (and whilst we're on the topic of Leona Edmiston how ridiculously gorgeous is this frock?). But then just look at the copper metallic goodness that is the Obus dress! Hard to resist for some sparkly fun! (Just quietly I'm quite obsessed with everything Obus right now, they get better with every season.) Sticking with the bronze theme I do love the Gorman shift, so many options for layering too. (Oops, I just clicked over and saw that it's on sale...it may have jumped into my shopping cart...) 

That pale green frock is a bit more traditionally wedding-y; such a pretty colour and cut. It's got longish sleeves plus I reckon it'd look awesome with opaque black stockings, hence it could work for a winter wedding. It's pretty sweet huh? And cheap too...

But then there's the Marimekko dress. It's velvet people, velvet! Swoon! I may have actually bought it six months ago with the justification that I could wear it to this August wedding, but I've worn it so much since then it doesn't feel 'special' enough anymore. Gosh I'm glad I got it though; it was bloody expensive but I already know it's going to be one of those frocks I'll still be wearing out to dinner in ten, twenty years time.

Okay, let's be honest. I'm not really looking for the perfect winter wedding outfit, I'm just using it as a - rather shaky - rationalisation to buy some things I love. And despite all the above at the moment I actually think I'm going to wear this crazy vintage 70s maxi dress that I've had for years. It's shimmery and silvery; floor length with slits up the side, long sleeves, a big collar and a zip down the front. Oh yeah!

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