02 June 2015

Jorpins 365 : May Favourites

Farewell May. You had some highs - seeing my photo in a gallery as part of the awesome Head On Photo Festival; all those gorgeous skies, blue and pink and golden; tasty food and autumn leaves.

But my goodness you also had some lows. In all honesty it's been a pretty tough month for us health wise, and there's a lot of uncertainty loitering about too. Although I should have learnt by now that the only constant in life is uncertainty, I still don't cope well with it. Change I can do, but not knowing - that I can't do so well.

So on balance, I'm not sad to see the back of May. Bring on June I say! Bring on hopefully maybe some certainty; bring on winter with all its comfort cooking and cosy knits and pottering about the house. And bring on trips to Europe, oh yes please!

By the by - I'm finding it interesting this photo a day for a year thing, especially seeing how the colours and tones of my photos change with the seasons, without me consciously intending it. So many golden browns and soft reds in my feed this month, all the colours of autumn. Such a contrast to the brights of summer at the start of the year.

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  1. oh you ... i hate change but getting better at it,,,and uncertainty....i am not certain how i feel about it!


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